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Steps to follow

After choosing the country where you want to go on exchange, take the following steps, in accordance with your academic level.

Remember to start these steps at least six months before your exchange abroad begins!

1. Check that you meet these general requirements:

  • Be an enrolled UDEM student.
  • Having completed the third semester of your undergraduate degree program.
  • Have a general average of 80.
  • Have authorization from your Academic Program Director.
  • Prove proficiency in language of country where you will pursue your studies.
Are you a graduate student?

Check the catalog of scholarships for graduate students or contact your International Programs Advisor.


2. Select the program and university that you want to attend

There are three types of program:


a) UDEM Program

Exchange through the agreements entered by UDEM with other universities.

It can be:

  • International Bilateral
  • Magellan



  • You will attend the foreign university, but you will continue to be enrolled in UDEM and you will only pay tuition fees at UDEM.
  • The scholarships granted by UDEM will be respected.
  • Transportation, accommodation, and food expenses will be covered by you and you must pay them at your place of destination.
b) ISEP Program

It is a consortial exchange program led by more than 200 universities, including UDEM.


  • You will attend the foreign university, but you will continue to be enrolled in UDEM and you will only pay tuition fees at UDEM.
  • You will pay the accommodation and food rates at UDEM.
  • Any scholarships that the UDEM has granted you will be respected.

For further information on this program, go to

c) Special Program

It allows you to have a short-term or long-term international

Can be:

  • Summer courses abroad
  • Language courses
  • Internships abroad
  • Community action projects abroad
  • CIEE program

For further information, consult an advisor.

3. Fill out the corresponding paperwork

It is necessary to fill out and submit the following documentation before the due date of the program you have selected.

You must present all the documents in original with a copy inside a letter-sized folder. Incomplete documentation will not be accepted.

a. DIPI Application for Participation (PDF)

Fill in the application in black ink and capital letters.

Attach a credencial size (3.5 X 5 cm, 1.38” X 1.96”) photo on the upper right-hand side of the application form and answer every section.

It is very important that you include your e-mail address, since this will be the most frequently used means of communication during the exchange process, from the start to the end of your participation in the program.

If you are an UDEM scholarship recipient, please remember to mention that in your application and include the type of scholarship you receive and what percentage.

Download the application

b. Partial proof of grades

To request this document, access the webpage of the Center for Information Services and Student Services (CIAA) through the UDEM Portal, in the section Services.

Take into account that the estimated delivery time of official documents is five working days.

If necessary, you will have to translate your proof of grades into English.

c. Proof of proficiency in language spoken at host university

If that language is English, you must submit a TOEFL score report with a minimum of 213 points (550 on the paper-based exam).

Some universities request a higher score and accept the institutional TOEFL, some other only accept the official TOEFL or an equivalent diagnostic exam.

For the ISEP, it is necessary to take the official TOEFL.

d. Carta de recomendación

This letter template must be completed by an UDEM professor who has taught you and it must be written in the language spoken at the host university.

If you are applying to the ISEP program, two letters of recommendation are required.

e. Authorization form from Academic Program Director

This document must be signed by your Academic Program Director to authorize your participation in the student exchange program.

f. Essay on your personal reasons to study abroad

Write an essay in the language of the university of your choice, with the following characteristics:

  • Font: Arial
  • Font size 12
  • Spacing: 1.5
  • Content: Approximately 500 words. Write about yourself (skills and interests), your academic achievements, goals, and plans for the future. Remember to mention the reasons why you want to study abroad and what you expect to get out of this academic and cultural experience.
  • Write your name and “Universidad de Monterrey” on the upper right-hand side of your writing and add your signature at the end.
g. Receipt of registration fee and processing of exchange

You can make the payment online through the UDEM Portal, in the Services section.

The fee is $1,700.00.

This fee allows you to participate in the semester’s exchange program. It is not reimbursable if you decide to cancel your participation, but you will be able to use it on another occasion.

h. Participation policies for international programs

Complete and submit the following document:

i. Exchange formats

Complete and submit the following document:

j. A copy of your passport

Give a copy of your passport to your International Programs Advisor.

If you are a student who

Participates in the ISEP program

Go to ISEP’s official website and review the forms:

Pay 10% of the accommodation and food fee to ensure your participation in the program. You can make the payment online, through the UDEM Portal, in the Services section. This fee is not reimbursable if you cancel your participation.


Studies ARQ, LDG, LA or LDI

Submit a portfolio with your best 10 works if you want to take some courses from your degree program. The purpose of this is to let the host university become acquainted with your work and performance.


Participates in a special program or direct registration program

Make your course accreditation payment online through the UDEM Portal, request the payment slip for property insurance coverage at the Office of International Programs (DIPI) and make your payment at the cash register of the Center for Information Services and Student Services (CIAA).

4) Attend the intercultural orientation seminar

Participate! Request more information from your International Programs Advisor.