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Spirituality and a culture of peace

Fraternity is something that you do learn at UDEM.

Go on mission trips!

Develop your spirituality and life mission as a Christian by participating in national and international mission trips.

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Formation of conscience and social action

At the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), you will be able to develop a social conscience and responsibility through participation in community action programs.

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Chapel services

  • Mass
  • Confessions
  • Holy Hour
  • Beginning and end of term mass
  • Marathon of confessions
  • Ecumenical prayer
  • Reconciliation prayer, in Lent
  • Advent prayer
  • Prayer for UDEM’s anniversary
  • Ash Wednesday celebration
  • Spiritual accompaniment

Diploma courses

In order to promote a culture of peace, we offer two diploma courses for which you can register: The Diploma Course in Education for Peace and the Diploma Course in University Pastoral.

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Grupos Juveniles

Vive tu espiritualidad compartiendo en comunidad con más estudiantes UDEM.


Congregaciones Fundadoras

Conoce a las religiosas y los religiosos de las congregaciones fundadoras que actualmente colaboran en DEUS UDEM.


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