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Sports and Health

Persevering as a team is something that you do learn at UDEM

Representative sporting teams

Choose your favorite sport and compete wearing UDEM’s colors!

Meet the sports

Be a Troyano!

If you like soccer, you can be part of Troyanos, UDEM’s team, which competes in the Third Division of the Mexican Soccer Federation.



Intramural tournaments

At UDEM, you can also form a team and participate in the intramural tournaments held each semester.

Tournaments (men’s and women’s)

  • Indoor soccer (six-a-side)
  • Soccer
  • Brazilian soccer
  • Flag football
  • Basketball

Comprehensive Health Center

If you want to learn to watch your diet or if you need to see a doctor during your stay on campus, do not worry: we provide free medical care and consultations on a daily basis, as well as nutrition counseling and health and prevention programs.

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