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UDEM Center for Integrity

We strengthen a culture of integrity in our university community.

What do we aim to achieve?

  • To strengthen the culture of integrity in UDEM and achieve an honest, corruption-free campus.
  • To create synergy among educational institutions committed to academic integrity.
  • To develop the Institute for Ethics and provide consultancy on training and extension programs on integrity and ethics for companies, the government, and other civil society organizations.
  • To foster and consolidate an educational environment in which the values set forth in UDEM’s philosophy are the foundation for professional and personal development.

Congress on Academic Integrity

We have held the Congress on Academic Integrity since 2013, with the participation of world-class speakers who are specialists in the subject.

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UDEM Integrity System

One of the Center’s main projects is the Integrity System, which promotes a set of values and has in place, among other components, a Code of Honor, a series of institutional regulations, training programs, permanent communication campaigns to raise awareness on this subject in all members of our community:

  • For students, we have activities such as seminars, classes, and workshops on integrity, from the first semester, as well as the signing of the Code of Honor, through which they commit themselves to complying.


  • For faculty members, we designed the Program for Excellence and Academic Integrity, with the aim of developing an environment where learning is the priority.


  • For the UDEM community, we develop awareness campaigns in which we promote the six values of academic integrity: honesty, responsibility, respect, justice, trust, and courage.

The International Center for Academic Integrity

Since 2010, we have been affiliated with The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), an organization that groups more than 200 universities from all over the world and whose objective is to share experiences, resources, and best practices on the subject.

We participate actively with organizations related to our work: