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Formation of conscience and social action

All of our formative courses promote your development to prepare you as a transforming leader who is conscious of the environment and capable of offering alternatives that help to improve the quality of life of every person. 


The Department of University Spirituality for Service (DEUS) services offer more than 30 groups that serve more than 1,200 students per semester. The co-curricular groups offered are distributed among the 4 blocks of the UDEM Formative Model. 


Learn about the courses that you can attend while studying at UDEM.

1. Personal Growth

Code Course
PA 0227 Get set in life
PA 0053 Education for Peace
PA 0139 Formative Education on Love (online)
PA 0051 Debatable topics of Christianity (online)
PA 0234 Self-coaching
PA 0252 Mindfulness for wellness
PA 0253 Emotional Hacks: understanding my emotions





2. Team Improvement

Code Course
PA 0012 Human Rights workshop
PA 0135 “Survive”, extreme camp
PA 0217 Courtship and Sexuality
PA 0235 Images and Spirituality
PA 0058 Manual Language






3. Action Learning

Code Course
PA 0240 Spend time with PISYE youngsters




4. High Performance

Code Course
PA 0056 Missions
PA 0057 Missions Staff