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Center for Corporate Governance Excellence (CEGC)

We help you to implement the bet corporate governance practices in your organization!

What is corporate governance?

It is a concept that encompasses the systems through which a company is managed and controlled. It involves the set of principles and mechanisms that design and integrate the company’s governing bodies.

That is to say, good corporate governance is formed by a set of suitable business processes, with clear, well-defined policies. It is operated by people with an ideal profile.

The result translates into operational savings to the company, as well as into an increase in the company’s market value.

Our services

Research and consultancy

We provide mentoring and coaching tailored to your company, through an intervention model and diagnostic tools.


We have tailor-made training programs, with relevant themes for the implementation and proper management of corporate governance.

Articles and books

We share with you documentations of successful practices in other organizations.

Face-to-face and virtual workshops

By means of applied research, we can lead your company through face-to-face or virtual learning as a resource to develop the necessary competencies.

Diploma Course in Corporate Governance and Training of Board Members

Learn about the competitive advantages represented by the implementation of the best corporate governance practices in companies.

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