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Health Sciences

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The Universidad de Monterrey offers, through our Vice Presidency of Health Sciences, high-quality academic programs at the four educational levels. Our programs are characterized by their personalized process, which centers on you as a student, on your whole-person education, and on the generation of knowledge.

We have the necessary infrastructure for the development of competencies and clinical- professional training through the different specialized laboratories, simulation laboratories, and community care centers that you will be able to use.

At the same time, we have a wide, diverse clinical field for your professional practicums/internships and your development. Additionally, as an institution, we want you to have all the facilities necessary to pursue international programs since we have international agreements with some of the best universities worldwide.

Hence, at the Universidad de Monterrey we educate and train young people with high academic quality, service attitude, and the strong ethical conviction that, as UDEM graduates, they must strive for a more just, sustainable world.

Innovative model

Through the Universidad de Monterrey’s characteristic educational and training model, we aim for you to become an upstanding, competent professional with the skills necessary to enter the workplace and establish interpersonal relations with your patients or clients.

Quick Facts
Of our faculty members are part of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI).
First-time patients are attended to at the dental clinics.
Countries where you can go on exchange programs.

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Medical Specialties
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