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Bachelor of Clinical Psychology

We offer innovative Clinical Psychology research, intervention, and assessment theories, methods, and techniques.
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In the undergraduate degree program in Clinical Psychology (LPSC) you will be able to study in depth human behavior, as involved in mental disorders, or as otherwise relevant to the health and disease processes, in order to propose prevention and care alternatives to psychological problems affecting people’s everyday lives.


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We educate and train psychologists within a personalized educational context and an intercultural environment of academic excellence. As a Clinical Psychology graduate, you will have the necessary scientific knowledge to assess, diagnose, intervene in, or prevent mental or behavior abnormalities or disorders, based on approaches, methods, and techniques specific to Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology, with a commitment to the promotion of people’s psychological health and wellbeing.

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    Admission Profile

    In order to pursue this degree program, you must have the capacity to develop critical and constructive thinking, a sensitivity to the psychosocial needs of others, an interest in understanding human behavior in various situations and contexts, a willingness to develop professional communication and listening skills, and a disposition for personal knowledge and human development.

    Graduate Profile

    Upon completion of the degree program, you will have developed the following knowledge:

    • Fundamental and methodological foundations of Clinical Psychology.
    • Biological bases of human behavior and their relationship with psychological processes.
    • Current classifications and explanatory models of mental disorders.
    • Basic strategies for conducting clinical interviews.
    • Psychological assessment methods and instruments, and integration of a diagnostic impression.
    • Etiology, evaluation, and diagnostic classification of psychological disorders.
    • Applications of Psychology in the field of health promotion and intervention in patients with chronic diseases.
    • Research approaches and methods, and data analysis techniques.
    • Development and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy clinical interventions.

    Upon completion of the degree program, you will have developed the following skills:

    • You will apply various personality assessment procedures and instruments; you will analyze and interpret information in accordance with the corresponding theory.
    • You will prepare diagnostic hypotheses and therapeutic suggestions.
    • You will prepare psychological reports according to the different psychological interventions, addressed to different readers.
    • You will understand, relieve, and solve psychological disorders: emotional problems, behavioral problems, personal concerns, and others.
    • You will determine the needs of the beneficiaries and establish the action goals specific to the psychologist in the fields of health, education, and work.
    • You will promote psychological health and wellbeing processes in the various fields of application through methods that are specific to Psychology.

    Upon completion of the degree program, you will have developed the following attitudes:

    • You will demonstrate ethical behavior and decisions in all professional practice.
    • You will keep confidentiality in the practice of clinical work.
    • You will assume responsibility for identifying and managing psychological assessment and intervention methods, techniques, and instruments.

    Field of work

    As a graduate of the undergraduate degree program in Clinical Psychology, you will be able to work as a(n):

    • Child psychotherapist
    • Adult psychotherapist
    • Couples’ psychotherapist
    • Family psychotherapist
    • Clinical and health psychologist
    • Assessor of personality traits
    • Technical consultant with health institutions
    • Clinical advisor for other psychologists



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