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Medical Doctor Program

Our medical education program is distinguished by its exceptional quality and individualized approach. In partnership with top health institutions, we provide outstanding clinical experiences across both national and international settings.


The Medical Doctor Program at Universidad de Monterrey is delivered primarily in Spanish, and has been carefully designed to be aligned with our mission of developing highly skilled healthcare professionals, deeply rooted in humanistic values and unwavering ethical commitment. At the forefront of medical education, the MD program embodies adaptability and innovation, shaping students to become symbols of excellence and service in global healthcare.

We have a cutting-edge Clinical Simulation Center, where students develop essential skills through lifelike medical scenarios, ensuring exceptional academic training at the forefront of technology.

Our MD program is designed to provide students with well-rounded capabilities; our curriculum enables students to provide high-quality general medicine care to diverse populations, both in individual and collective contexts.

Engage in an exceptional clinical experience with national and international opportunities. Our students participate in medical practice in renowned hospitals such as IMSS, ISSSTE, Ministry of Health Hospitals, Christus Muguerza, Hospital Clínica Nova, Hospital Ángeles Valle Oriente, as well as affiliated institutions in the United States, Spain, and other countries. These experiences foster deep understanding and a global perspective in medicine.

The MD program is seven year long including 1 year of social service and covers core courses such as Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology, among others. Additionally, we offer a variety of elective subjects, allowing students to tailor their education and prepare them to lead the changes in 21st-century healthcare.

Quick Facts

Schools of Medicine in Mexico by “El Universal”.

COMAEM Certification

The Medical Doctor Program is certified by the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education.

Clinical Experience

Outstanding clinical opportunities available nationally and internationally.

CIEES Certification

The Medical Doctor program is certified by the Interinstitutional Committee for Higher Education Evaluation.

SESAM Certification

Clinical Simulation Center certified by the Society in Europe for Simulation applied to medicine.


(Center of Excellence in Medical Sciences and Innovation)
State-of-the-art teaching laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology.

AHA Certification

American Heart Association International Training Center.

54 years

Graduating Medical Doctors.


Outperforming the international standard on the STEP exam for pursuing a medical residency in the United States.


In the Medical Doctor Program, we train professionals with a thorough grasp of medicine, offering a broad view of the field. You'll practice medicine with a high level of skill, dedication, and integrity. We equip you to apply clinical knowledge rigorously and scientifically to address a variety of illnesses and aid in patient rehabilitation. Additionally, you'll adeptly and compassionately handle both individual and community health concerns.

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Admissions Profile

As a prospective candidate for the Medical Doctor program, you should embody:

  • A natural affinity and enthusiasm for the sciences.
  • The ability to excel both independently and collaboratively.
  • A dedication to continual self-improvement.
  • A proactive approach to ongoing self-study.
  • A strong sense of commitment and compassion.

Becoming a Medical Doctor requires the development of specific professional skills and a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines, including medical emergencies, anatomy, public health, pathology, and medical sciences.

Engaging in a structured educational journey will not only equip you to become a skilled and ethical Medical Doctor but also empower you to make informed and responsible decisions while applying appropriate caregiving techniques.

Graduate Profile

After completing your training as a Medical Doctor, you will possess crucial knowledge that will distinguish you in the medical field:

  • You will be able to recognize signs and symptoms of the most common illnesses and possess the skill to select the best approach for achieving an accurate diagnosis.
  • You will use the scientific method and evidence-based medicine to make informed and up-to-date decisions.
  • You will comprehend disease prevention strategies, health promotion, and management of public health issues, including the implementation of vaccination campaigns and health education.
  • You will be able to design and implement effective treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs, including medication administration, therapies, and follow-up.
  • You will demonstrate initiative and dedication to continuous learning and professional development, staying current with advancements in the medical field.

This program is designed to educate healthcare professionals who possess not only competence and knowledge but also the ability to practice with a profound social consciousness and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Upon completion of the Medical Doctor program, you will have developed the following skills:

  • You will possess the competence to develop and implement disease prevention strategies and provide timely treatments, based on a commitment to improving public health and community well-being.
  • You'll showcase the ability to collaborate effectively within diverse teams, recognizing the need for specialist referrals when necessary, while respecting the boundaries of your professional expertise, and optimizing health outcomes through a collaborative approach.
  • You will be able to communicate clearly and effectively with patients, families, and colleagues, facilitating quality medical care and interprofessional collaboration.
  • You will be capable of adapting to technological and scientific changes in the medical field and committing to continuous professional development.

Upon completing the Medical Doctor program, you will have developed the following attitudes:

  • You will stand out for your ethical principles, professional integrity, and empathy, ensuring the respect and trust of patients and the community.
  • You will demonstrate a profound understanding and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of your patients, establishing meaningful and trustworthy connections to provide compassionate and personalized care, both in prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • You will work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, recognizing the importance of collaborative work to provide the best possible care to patients.
  • You will face the challenges and pressures of the medical environment with determination and adaptability.
  • You will maintain an open mindset and a constant willingness to learn and improve, always seeking new opportunities to expand your medical knowledge and skills.
  • You will strive for excellence in everything you do, from diagnosing and treating illnesses to patient care and continuous medical education.
  • You will demonstrate leadership skills by guiding and motivating other team members, as well as advocating for the well-being of your patients and communities.

Field of work

As a graduate of the Medical Doctor program, you'll be able to pursue a variety of career paths, including:

  • General practitioner
  • Private practice
  • Researcher or teaching faculty
  • Hospital and clinic administrator


Furthermore, you will have the option to advance your studies and specialize in fields such as plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, general surgery, radiology, cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, family medicine, public health, sports medicine, hospital administration, and more.

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Do you have doubts about the Medical Doctor program?

We answer all your questions.

What is the Medical Doctor program?

The Medical Doctor program studies the fundamental principles of general medicine, focusing on their practical application in diagnosing and treating illnesses, as well as facilitating patient recovery. This program is thoughtfully designed to develop healthcare professionals who can skillfully and ethically address both individual and community health challenges

Why study Medicine?

The Medical Doctor program allows professionals to explore diverse fields like neurology, cardiology, dermatology, psychiatry, sports medicine, among others. Moreover, this profession provides immense personal and professional satisfaction due to its contribution to human health.

What is the duration of the medical degree program?

The Medical Doctor program at UDEM has a duration of 7 years, including one year of social service. It is a highly comprehensive academic program, which the University of Monterrey has developed in collaboration with experts in the field.

This program aims to train individuals to become professionals with a broad understanding of medicine, a comprehensive vision of the profession, and the willingness to practice with a high level of competence, commitment, and honesty.

What subjects are included in the Medical Doctor program?

In the medical school curriculum, students typically cover a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology among others.

The University of Monterrey offers an excellent curriculum, as its program is designed to allow prospective students to choose the most suitable path to enrich their academic and formative curriculum to the fullest.

When meeting with an advisor to learn more about the Medical Doctor program, you will be able to see an example of its curriculum using a simulator that will allow you to visualize how you could organize your courses."

What does a Medical Doctor do?

A medical doctor is capable of providing comprehensive primary care for factors representing health risks, as well as treating the most prevalent conditions in Mexico and the world.

Graduates of the Medical Doctor program are skilled professionals with a deep understanding of medical practices and a strong commitment to have integrity in their practice. They are dedicated to developing innovative solutions, expanding medical knowledge, and using technological advancements to enhance patient care.

Where can a Medical Doctor work?

As a Medical Doctor you can work in various areas, such as primary care clinics within the healthcare sector, in independent practice, conducting medical research, and even in academia. Additionally, this career provides the foundational knowledge required for postgraduate studies in any medical specialty.

How can I know if I should study Medicine?

Aspiring Medical Doctors typically demonstrate aptitude in chemistry, biology, and physics, alongside a keen focus on personal growth. Moreover, they often exhibit a passion for the natural sciences, coupled with a strong sense of commitment and solidarity.

During consultations with an advisor to explore the medical doctor program further, you will have the opportunity to review a sample curriculum using a simulator, which will enable you to visualize how you can structure your courses.

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