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Professional Orientation

Professional Orientation

Professional orientation services focus on topics related to the entry of students into the job market. They enable the students to develop their work competencies and skills through self-management.

Support Services

Personalized advice on:

  • Preparation of a high-impact résumé. 
  • Writing a cover letter.
  • Recommendations to have a successful job interview. 
  • Application of psychometric tests to identify strengths and areas of opportunity as future candidates. 

Collective advice to institutions which are part of the Universidad de Monterrey’s social projects, as well as to different segments of our student community.


  • Preparing and writing a résumé. 
  • Preparing and writing a cover letter. 
  • Contact networks.
  • Job interview.
  • Basic course on the Federal Labor Law.
  • Job interview simulation with employers. 
  • Professionalization and Human Resources. 
  • Effective Personnel Selection Techniques and Occupational Health. 
  • Recruitment and Selection aligned to the new generations.