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If your average is excellent and you have high economic need, we offer you a scholarship for your graduate studies.


What do you need to apply?

  • Have a grade point average of at least 85 in your undergraduate degree program or in another graduate degree program completed.
  • Report verifiable high financial need.
  • Complete UDEM’s admission process and be accepted as a student.


If you are a suitable candidate, how can you apply?

  • Submit the application for financial aid within reception period, duly completed and signed, to the advisor from the Student Attraction Department. Attach a copy of the documents requested in the application.
  • Complement it if you are in one or more of the following family situations:
Case Document


Credit card

A copy of latest account statement
Loans A copy of latest statement, or copy of payroll receipt with highlighted discount
Rent payment A copy of latest payment receipt
Application for UDEM credit or bank credit Credit report from credit bureau
Unemployment A copy of resignation or termination letter
Pension A copy of latest receipt
Divorce A copy of child support receipt
Special situations: medical treatments, financial responsibility for third parties, and other similar situations An explanatory letter of any financial circumstances that you would like to be considered (highly recommended)