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Consultancy services: Art, Architecture and Design

The list of consulting services presented below shows the areas of specialization in Art, Architecture and Design that are at the service of society and various organizations.


  • Master planning and land use for developments, subdivisions, industrial and educational campuses.
  • Site analysis and feasibility for real estate and real estate.
  • Diagnostic, planning and development studies for municipalities.
  • Architectural design and executive project.
  • Sustainable design and landscape design in parks for urban greening.
  • Quality of life through urban planning.
  • Studies of housing and urban habitat.
  • Design of housing in subdivisions to favor urban diversity.
  • Design of housing and subdivisions under the density and use of urban land.
  • Vertical architecture and mixed use.
  • Rent of computer rooms with design software.
  • Rent of the photography studio.
  • Advice on screen printing and engraving projects.
  • Cutting by 3-axis CNC router.
  • Rental of space and workshop equipment for specific activities (wood workshop).
  • Realization of Water Footprint studies.
  • Carrying out Carbon Footprint studies.
  • Conducting Ecological Footprint studies.
  • Advice on electric arc welding processes.
  • Rental of the clothing and pattern making workshop (use of sewing machines).
  • 2D CNC cutting service, in different types of flat materials, based on 2-dimensional CAD file-drawing (X, Y).
  • Laser cutting, marking and engraving (materials: wood, MDF, cardboard, card, acrylic, PETG, coroplast, plastics, textiles and leather (except: trovicel, metals).
  • Cut Water Jet (materials: carbon steel and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, acrylic, non-tempered glass, polyurethane, marble, granite, bricks, earthenware, rigid wood).
  • Machining service 5-axis CNC Router and 3D Printing (prototypes, molds, models, models). Router service 5 axes in flat materials: wood, MDF, high density EPS, Styrefoam, Foamular, Renshape (except: marble, granite, metals and similar).
  • 3D Printers - High Resolution:
    • uPrint-FDM - ABS Thermo plastic (203 x 152 x 152 MM)
    • Z-Printer - Composite powder (254 x 203 x 203 MM)
    • Aureus - Photopolymer resin - Direct Casting (60 x 45 x 100 MM)