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Extension programs: Art, Architecture and Design

The list of extension programs presented below shows the areas of specialization in Art, Architecture and Design that are at the service of society and various organizations.


  • Generation of design ideas, Sketching and Design Thinking.
  • Program of green practices for urban environments.
  • Update in computing technologies for design and architecture.
  • Use and implementation of native vegetation for urban environments.
  • International Program in Landscape Architecture.
  • Introduction to ceramics: use of clay (kneading, molding, burning and finishing).
  • Ceramic workshop: creation of molds for emptying. Introduction to polymers: preparation of resin for casting and manufacture of pieces in fiberglass.
  • Polymer workshop: preparation of molds in silicone, molds and thermoformed.
  • Oil painting workshop, old masters techniques.
  • Development of skills in modeling and 3D rendering (Bender 3D).
  • Silkscreen and engraving workshop (basic techniques).
  • Introduction to the use of wood.
  • Basic foundations for the development of welding application skills.
  • Training in the use of sewing machines at an operational level.