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Social service internship students

Is your company interested in hosting UDEM social service interns?

1. If you are interested in receiving students doing social service, you will need to fill in the following forms:

a) Initial format of social service for institutions (Spanish)

b) Information on social action organization and social service project (Spanish)


2. Once you have completed the forms, you should send them by mail with the subject Social Service UDEM + name of your organization to:

Lorena Canales Velez
Training for Citizenship and Service Coordinator
Tel. +52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 1349
[email protected]
University Community Center, third floor


3. Later you will receive an email where you will be notified if the project was a candidate to apply in the UDEM social service process.


Register here your authorized project for social service


UDEM authorized institutions

If you already are one of our Social Service options, enter your user number and PIN to update your institution’s projects and complete your assessment of the students.