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At the Universidad de Monterrey, you can find candidates for the following:


We help you promote employment opportunities for students from any academic level (preparatory school, undergraduate, and graduate).


Contacto con Talento UDEM

Academic projects

If your organization has any specific needs that can be approached by students to generate a proposal for a solution, we can help you along the process to promote it among the academic community.


Proyecto Académicos

Employment opportunities for graduates

We support you in the promotion of openings for our graduates, according to the area of interest required by your organization.


Oportunidades Laborales


Employment opportunities for students with learning disabilities

At UDEM, we have PISYE (Social and Educational Integration Program), a program addressed to young people aged 15 – 30 and who have learning disabilities.

Depending on their medical diagnosis, they are capable of joining the workplace as interns and/or as graduates.

So that you can host candidates with this profile, UDEM can support you during the job integration process.