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Let’s lead the way

Leave your mark with a brick on the most important pathway of the campus, while at the same time you contribute to the development of new UDEM projects.

On your brick, you can write messages that express thankfulness, acknowledgment, and love… You have a space of 42 characters, in three lines!

A brick costs $550.00. If you want a replica of your brick made, it costs $250.00.

How to buy your brick

  1. Fill in the form with your data by clicking here.
  2. Make a deposit to UDEM at Banorte, UDEM’s account number 0086001071.
  3. Send us a copy of your deposit slip to [email protected] , with your full name, telephone number, and contact e-mail address.
  4. You will receive an e-mail from us to confirm your order.
  5. Come home! Visit your alma mater and locate your brick.