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Antonio L. Rodríguez Quirós †


Don Antonio Leónidas Rodríguez Quirós was the first chairman of the Board of the Universidad de Monterrey. His work promoted its creation in 1968.

He was a banker, entrepreneur, diplomat, and politician.

He founded Enseñanza e Investigación, A. C., a sponsor of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, as well as the Instituto de Estudios Sociales y Urbanísticos de Monterrey.

He organized the Centro de Productividad de Monterrey, A. C. and served as chairman of the commission that developed and implemented the plan to build the catholic church La Purísma in Monterrey.

He was also the main promoter for the organization, in 1956, of the association called Instituciones Educativas Labastida, A. C.