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Outstanding faculty

Every year, the Universidad de Monterrey honors faculty members who have distinguished themselves for their excellence and the promotion of values, as well as for the impact their work has had on the university community and on society.

What is the Roberto Garza Sada Pro Magistro Award?

This award was incepted in 1995 thanks to the initiative and generosity of Doña Márgara Garza Sada de Fernández and her family. It constitutes the highest honor that the Universidad de Monterrey bestows upon its faculty in recognition of their work.

Through its name, the award acknowledges the work and transcendence of Don Roberto, a leading figure of our country who distinguished himself for his leadership in the entrepreneurial world, his support and promotion of education, culture, and art, and his commitment to service, and to the well-being of his community.

2019 and 2020 Winners

The Roberto Garza Sada Pro Magistro Award has five different categories.

Tenured Higher Education Faculty


Martha Claudia Rodríguez Villalobos

Professor at the Physics and Mathematics Department


Demófilo Maldonado Cortés

Professor at the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department

Adjunct Higher Education Professor


Roberto González Habib

Professor at the Medical Specialties Office


Arturo Azuara Flores

Professor at the Law and Social Sciences Department

Tenured Teacher – Preparatory School Level


María Aurora Tamez Elizondo

Teacher at the Valle Alto Unit


Carolina Pérez Rojas González

Teacher at the Fundadores Unit

Assistant Teacher at the Preparatory School Level


Roberto José Fernández González

Professor at the Valle Alto Unit


Rubén Gutiérrez Guajardo

Professor at the Obispado Unit

Professor - Vice president’s office for Whole-Person Education


César Alfredo Nanni de Valle

Professor at the SOStainability Center


Slendi Nalleli Marines Mendoza

Professor at the University Spirituality for Service Department