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We prepare our students to transcend positively in a changing environment.

A changing context

The environment has been transformed radically in the last few years. We face global and unpredictable challenges at an ever faster pace. To explain this, we make reference to VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. 

To be a leader in such a scenario represents many challenges. We are invited to make important adjustments in the way we visualize the future and get ready for it.

Global trends in education

The world has been experiencing many changes that have impacted the field of education. The following are some of the trends:

1. The generations who are in college today are interested in exploring new environments, seek multidisciplinary experiences offline or online with high standards of personalization and immediate delivery.


2. The sources of learning are different. The school, as an institution, is not the only one capable of offering learning experiences and grant diplomas or certifications. 


3. The concept of education has changed, it is a lifelong undertaking, and institutions are required to offer opportunities for permanent education.

4. The labour market has evolved thoroughly. Now, employers require different profiles with a variety of skills and competences to face and adapt to new challenges.