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UDEM Academic Plan

¿Cómo está compuesto?

El Plan Académico está formado por los planes de estudio de cada uno de los programas que ofrecemos.

Se compone de dos áreas: área de estudios profesionales y área de estudios generales.

Modelo Educativo UDEM


General studies area

This area is divided into core courses and elective courses (formed by the disciplines of natural and exact sciences, social sciences and behavior, and the humanities and art).


The aim of this area is for students to be able to:

  • Interpret statistical information.
  • Evaluate the ethical social impacts of decisions, actions, and proposals.
  • Describe countries other than Mexico in a professional manner and compare them with world trends.
  • Identify and describe the ethical dilemmas resulting from globalization.
  • Defend their own positions in a rational way, develop logical and rhetorical arguments.
  • "See" and understand controversial international events from a perspective different to the Mexican and/or regional perception.
  • Learn various ways to identify and develop leadership competencies.
  • Identify logical and structural errors in academic writing and essays.

Professional studies area

This area is made up of:

Core courses: These are mandatory courses which provide a profession’s basic knowledge.

Professional concentration courses: These courses go in depth into one field of the profession and they respond to the needs of the productive, cultural, and social sectors.

Elective courses from another discipline: The aim of these courses is to broaden the students’ professional outlook, strengthen their academic training and education, and facilitate their entrance into the workplace.

Job placement: Its aim is to introduce students to the practice of their profession through work activities and/or projects which are linked to their academic program.