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Community Development Projects

Center for Health and Development (CESADE)

We promote the comprehensive development of people through preventative and health care programs, as well as through social projects that focus on the specific needs of each community in order to create environments which are conducive to the wellbeing of individuals, families, and the society.



Armando Ávila Medina
Tel. +52 (81) 8338-1183 y +52 (81) 8336-4173
[email protected]


This project is aimed at women who wish to professionalize their enterprises through courses and talks on topics related to business and human development, contributing to their economic and personal empowerment, which creates protective factors against violence.



Sahara Calderón Samaniego
Kimakul Coordinator at UDEM Campus
Tel. +52 81-8215-1000 ext. 1341
[email protected]

Ana Cristina Velasco
Kimakul Coordinator in San Bernabé
[email protected]

The Santa Catarina Polytechnic Preparatory School

We offer preparatory school education to young people from the municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, who would not have access to this level of education otherwise. UDEM students can do their social service internships here, collaborating as teachers.

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Programa Factor 360

Through this program, which is addressed to adolescents aged 12 – 15, we implement sporting, cultural, and after-school workshops that develop protection factors against youth violence.


Aracely J. Morquecho Carrizales
Coordinator of Social Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults (Factor 360°)
Tel. +52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 2191
[email protected]

Universidad de Barrios

This project is aimed at community leaders seeking to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the personal and social areas in order to become agents of change in their milieu, through the Diplomado de Intervención Comunitaria (Community Intervention Diploma), English courses, and academic remediation for adults.


Olga Esquivel Ugarte
Tel. +52 (81) 8215-1732
[email protected]

Zona Amarilla

The objective of this project is the development of communities. UDEM’s social action focuses on priority care areas to enable community participation processes that promote and foster the empowerment of people and access to resources.


Aurora Sandoval Peñaloza
Social Innovation Projects Coordinator
Tel. +52 81-8215-1000 ext. 2022
[email protected]