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Become a transformative human being at the service of your community!

We at UDEM have the conviction that transcendence is achieved through service to others. This is expressed in one of our three founding principles: humanism, openness, and service. And service is an essential part of your whole-person education, which is a distinguishing feature of UDEM. 

The formative process of the social service internship is part of your college studies at the Universidad de Monterrey, and it gives you the possibility of developing an attitude of social responsibility and service, thus affording you the opportunity to understand different community problems and contribute to their solutions by offering your talents and skills.  


When will I start my social service internship?

Once you have earned 132 academic credits, you may sign up for the Taller de Formación Social (Social Training Workshop) where the dynamic to start your UDEM Social Service Internship formative process will be explained to you. The UDEM Social Service Internship has a minimum duration of 6 calendar months and a maximum duration of 1 calendar year. Within this period, you will do 480 hours of social service at one of our authorized Social Action Organizations. 

Spring '22 UDEM online Social Service and Expo Fair

Discover here the online service office for the Spring 2022 UDEM Social Service and Expo Fair.

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