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Social Transformation Laboratory (LTS)

It develops initiatives to promote social and economic equality in Mexico, by working jointly with social enterprisers, entrepreneurs, and UDEM faculty.

Call to application

If you are an UDEM student and you have a project or idea oriented to addressing a social problem and the causes behind it from an innovative perspective, we invite you to participate in the call from the Social Transformation Laboratory.

This initiative was designed and is operated by the Universidad de Monterrey and Prospera, a social enterprise, with co-financing from three different sponsors.

What do we aim to achieve?

  • Generate social innovation projects which are viable and profitable, and which operate in the national market, with a potential to be scalable to other countries.
  • Strengthen social enterprising in the city and enhance its agents of change as catalysts for social impact and transformation.
  • Develop and enhance social innovation tools and methodologies that solve current problems.
  • Facilitate the process that consolidates UDEM students as agents of change.
  • Generate theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of social innovation.

How does it work?

1. Seed capital

If your project has potential to address the root causes of a given social problem, we will support you with seed capital.

2. Mentoring

Through a two-year process of ongoing support (mentoring) from social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and UDEM faculty members, we help you to develop your potential to become an agent of change and increase your project’s impact on society, supporting your project to achieve financial sustainability.

How is the winning project chosen?

Phase 1. The call

The call for social innovation projects is launched and the projects and students with potential to contribute to the solution of a given problem are selected.


Phase 2. Boot Camp

If your project is selected, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Boot Camp where you will receive advice and mentoring from experts.


Phase 3. Pitch

Once you have received advice and mentoring on the camp, you will have two weeks to prepare the pitch or final presentation to the group of investments who will decide what students-projects will receive the seed capital and mentoring.



Phase 4. Validate your project

If you win, for the following two years you will use the seed capital and mentoring from the laboratory’s group of mentors to pilot and validate your project in a real market.



  1. Send a video of up to 2 minutes in duration in which you answer the following questions: What have you done to improve the experience of living in your city? And to promote equality? Have you done any voluntary work? What is your project and why do you think it is viable and innovative? Say whether you are part of a work team or you will work on your own during the program to solve these challenges.
  2. Complete registration form.


Important dates

Event Dates
Call closes September 8, 2019
Event with mentors September 26, 2019
Sprint to select the finalists October 4, 2019
Final Pitch November 20, 2019

You can also nominate a candidate!

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