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Specialty in Systemic Clinical Practice

You will develop skills for the design of assessment and diagnosis instruments, as well as systemic therapeutic intervention programs.
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In the specialty in Systemic Clinical Practice (ECS), you will have the ability to define, establish, and suggest preventative action in a wide range of issues concerning interactions in human systems. Additionally, you will prepare clinical guides based on group consensus across the clinical itineraries specific to the specialty.


In the Specialty in Systemic Clinical Practice you will be competent in the mastery of the theoretical-practical-ethical-methodological knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to practice consolidated clinical practice based on evidence-supported work in various clinical scenarios.


Student Learning Outcomes

You will be educated and trained as a clinical psychologist specializing in Systemic Clinical Practice, an expert in the management of theory, techniques, and research in your area of expertise.

Admission profile

To pursue this specialty, you must be a psychologist or physician who is interested in developing clinical and psychological intervention competencies, innovating clinical practice of Psychology, professionalizing evidence-based clinical management, and participating in the scientific dissemination of research findings.

Graduate profile

As a graduate of the specialty in Systemic Clinical Practice, you will...

  • Have a solid conceptual/theoretical systemic methodological framework which allows him/her to provide psychotherapeutic care and support research in the individual, family, and social fields, oriented to the development of new alternatives for therapeutic work.
  • Develop skills for the design of assessment and diagnosis instruments and systemic therapeutic intervention programs at the individual, family, group, and community levels.
  • Be able to use up-to-date scientific information as regards theoretical approaches in systemic therapy.
  • Have the ability to define, establish, and suggest preventive action in a wide range of issues concerning interactions in human systems.

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Consult the courses that you will take in the specialty in Systemic Clinical Practice.

Four-months Course Credits
1st ​​Clinical Intervention I: Systemic approach 6
2nd Clinical Intervention II: Systemic approach 6
3rd Clinical Intervention III: Systemic approach​ 6
4th Evidence-based Clinical Practice I: Systemic approach 6
5th ​Evidence-based Clinical Practice II: Systemic approach 6
6th ​Comparative Clinical Practice: Systemic approach 6
Elective courses
Course Credits
Epistemological Foundations of Contemporary Clinical Models 6
Biological Foundations of Behavior: Neuropsychology ​ 6
​Cognitive and Affective Foundations of Behavior 6
Psychosocial Foundations of Behavior 6
​Psychopathology 6
Thesis Seminar 6
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