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With altruism in the blood

Facing a nascent concern to provide academic support to colleagues, Erick de León, Maricarmen Diaz, Arturo Jasso and other students of the Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery program (MCP) of the Universidad de Monterrey decided to found a student group that would allow them to consolidate their concerns and wishes: this is how Proyecta came about.

They carried out their first blood donation campaign in the fall of 2012, in collaboration with the Blood Bank of Christus Muguerza Hospital, under the slogan "The power to save lives is in your veins".

In addition to promoting the donation of altruistic blood in the community, Proyecta seeks to support new students entering the MCP program by means of free advice on the most complicated subjects of the first year of the academic program and the sale of the necessary material for the Anatomy class.