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Co-Curricular Courses

Co-Curricular Courses

It is mandatory for UDEM students to take a minimum of four co-curricular courses which are classified into four blocks that purposely aim to develop one or more competencies and values as defined in UDEM’s Formative Model. 

The four blocks of co-curricular courses are made up as follows: 

The Theme block is made up of the course META only. META = Course Focused on Current Themes (for its Spanish initials), a compulsory course that all students must take during the first year of their undergraduate degree program. 

For the Personal Growth, Conciliation and Collaboration, and Experiential Learning blocks, the students must choose a course from a wide offer that includes the following areas: 

  1. Physical Education and Health (EFYS)
  2. Spirituality (DEUS)
  3. Leadership (CELES)
  4. Sustainability (SOS)
  5. Cultural Promotion 
  6. Social Action (CESYF)

High Performance 

UDEM students can also opt to participate in High-Performance co-curricular courses, which distinguish themselves for requiring a greater investment of time and effort by the students.

These courses usually involve a selection process in which students have to demonstrate their skills in the comprehensive education area. This may vary in accordance with the area or discipline to which the activity is related (e.g., a physical assessment for sports, auditions or castings for cultural activities, missions, leadership programs, etc.). 

The groups include:

  • Athletes in the representative sporting teams.
  • Artistic groups. 
  • Missionary groups.    
  • Students joining UDEM’s student federation, the Student Senate, or any other student group or association.
  • Students that make up the medical brigade. 
  • Lánzate Student Facilitators.

Diplomas and Certificates

They are granted when a student passes a series of four co-curricular courses that develop some knowledge or competence in a specific field of whole-person education.