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Bachelor of International Relations

We have in place an innovative, top-quality program with participations in Harvard, the OAS, the Intereuropean Model, to name a few.
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You will learn to design strategies and projects that have an international impact, such as participation in essay contests, and presentations. You will analyze the international reality in all spheres, promoting the participation of the students in conferences with researcher professors. You will have the opportunity to develop projects with an impact on the international community through international organizations or non-governmental organizations.

Quick Facts

Exchange programs that give you a double degree.


Exchange programs for you to sudy in the best institutions in the world.


Certifications of internationalization: Politics and International Studies, International Conflicts, and International Trade.


Miembros del Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales.


Participación como delegación en diferentes modelos de Naciones Unidas nacionales e internacionales como LIMUN en Londres, Inglaterra.


Opciones de especialización: Comercio Exterior y Gobernanza Global.


Certificaciones de internacionalización: Conflictos Internacionales, Comercio Internacional y Política Internacional.


Opciones de doble titulación.

+ 70

Programas de intercambio para que estudies en las mejores instituciones del mundo.


You will be educated and trained as a professional who can analyze, diagnose, design, and produce strategies to solve international problems in response to the needs of society, contextualized in the political, economic, and social environment.

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Admission Profile

As a candidate to study this program, you should be interested in world events and political and economic news in general. You should also have a desire to change the situation of Mexicans and other citizens of the world, as well as a capacity for leadership, a taste for reading, and an affinity for interacting with people.

Graduate Profile

Upon completion of this program, you will have developed the following knowledge:

      • Of the principles and regulations of international relations.
      • Of the history and role of national and international governmental institutions.
      • Of the diversity of groups in a global society.
      • Of international politics.
      • Of international trade.
      • Of the basic processes of international economy.
      • Of world history.
      • Of current international problems.

      Upon completion of this program, you will have developed the following skills:

      • You will communicate accurately orally and in writing.
      • You will be able to communicate in a second and third languages.
      • You will carry out information searches and research.
      • You will solve communicative problems.
      • You will carry out interdisciplinary work.
      • You will work in a team.
      • You will be able to negotiate and solve conflicts.

      Upon completion of this program, you will have developed the following attitudes:

      • Adaptation to change.
      • Service to the community.
      • Social responsibility.
      • Ethical professional performance.
      • Critical assessment of own work.
      • Leadership.
      • Critical thinking.
      • Creativity and independence.
      • Results-oriented.

      Field of work

      As a graduate of UDEM’s undergraduate degree program in International Relations, you will be able to work in different positions:

      • Ambassador
      • Consular Officer
      • Cultural Attaché
      • Political Analyst
      • Business Consultant
      • International Negotiator
      • Immigration Affairs Consultant
      • Mediator
      • International Agency Representative
      • Academician
      • Foreign Affairs Officer
      • Coordinator of an International Department

      Live an experience abroad

      Have an academic experience abroad for a summer, a semester or a year.

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