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Bachelor of Law

A great learning experience with the most renowned professionals in the field of law.
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Through the undergraduate degree program in Law, UDEM offers an excellent learning experience that includes a well-balanced academic program consisting of more than 15 practical subjects and the Catedra Laboris, taught by the most renowned national and international professionals in the field of law.

As part of this program, you will face real-life situations in the Legal Skills Room and put your theoretical knowledge into practice by doing a two-semester internship, either in the public sector or in the private sector.

Quick Facts

Exchange programs for you to study in the best institutions in the world.


It was the year in which our Courtroom for Oral Trials was established as the official seat of the Judicial Power of the State of Nuevo León.


Areas of concentration: human rights and business.

Doble grado

Programa 4 + 1 con la Universidad de Tulane, New Orleans.


Carreras asociadas a Derecho, con concentraciones en Derecho Corporativo, Función Pública y Finanzas.


Docentes que cuentan con grado de Maestría o Doctorado.


Alumnos que cuentan con experiencia profesional al graduarse de la carrera.


Continúa tus estudios con especialidades, maestrías y doctorado en Derecho.


Destacada participación de nuestros estudiantes en concursos nacionales e internacionales

Asociaciones estudiantiles

Variedad de grupos y asociaciones con una participación activa de estudiantes.


Los programas académicos asociados a Derecho cuentan con acreditaciones nacionales e internacionales


You will be educated and trained as an agent of change in the community. You will be able to solve problems with responsibility, honesty, and ethics, based on a comprehensive education in the main legal areas, especially oriented to International Business and the Legal Management of Companies.​​​​​​

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Admission Profile

As a candidate to pursue this program, you should have an orientation to find the rationale and operation of the processes surrounding you, especially social and cultural processes. Furthermore, you should have skills and potential in the areas of visual communication and culture, with an innate curiosity for their history and development, with an ability to manage and process materials and technological advances in your work area. You should also have the capacity to interact with and lead multidisciplinary teams in highly complex projects within an environment of initiative and development.

Graduate Profile

Upon completion of this program, you will have developed the following knowledge:

    • Of international environments.
    • Of concepts and provisions in the disciplines of the legal field.
    • Of institutions in other legal systems.
    • Of institutions and Law application procedures.
    • Of dispute resolution with alternative methods.
    • Of the integration of lines of legal thinking.
    • Of law control mechanisms.
    • Of defense mechanisms of constitutional principles.
    • Of professional reality fields.

    Upon completion of this program, you will have developed the following skills:

      • You will reflect on ethical-legal dilemmas.
      • You will solve specific legal situations.
      • You will produce legal instruments.
      • You will do research and present dissertations.
      • You will understand and connect distinctive elements of legal institutions.
      • You will communicate in other languages.
      • You will classify legal categories.
      • You will express your ideas accurately orally and in writing.
      • You will review legal issues with a critical approach.
      • You will argue legal propositions.

      Upon completion of this program, you will have developed the following attitudes:

      • Respect and appreciation for human life and fundamental human rights.
      • Respect and appreciation for human creativity.
      • Respect and appreciation for learning.
      • Respect and appreciation for the principles of democracy.
      • Acknowledgment of and respect for justice.

      Field of work

      As a graduate from UDEM’s undergraduate degree program in Law, you will be able to work in the private, educational, and public sectors.

      • Lawyer
      • Arbiter
      • Legal advisor
      • Negotiator
      • Mediator
      • Director of Law Firm
      • Litigant
      • Associate in Law Firm
      • Researcher
      • Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice
      • Magistrate
      • Judge
      • Certifying Officer
      • Notary Public or Public Broker
      • Director of Legal Department in Private Company

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