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Scholarships and financial aid

If you are the best, study with us!
At UDEM, we have scholarship and financial aid options
for you to pursue an undergraduate degree program. 

Discover our scholarship offering: 

Benefactor scholarships

Thanks to the generous support of benefactors who are willing to encourage and promote Mexican talent, at UDEM we have various scholarship opportunities so that you can pursue a university degree. 

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Academic merit scholarships

If your grade point average is excellent and you have high financial need, we offer you scholarships so that you can pursue university studies. 

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Talent scholarships

If you have some outstanding sporting or creative talent, we offer you scholarships, so you can continue to develop it and become an excellent professional.

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Scholarships for young agents of social change

If you have a commitment to society and participate actively in social projects, we help you to train as a great professional and develop social change projects. 

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Other financial aid options

At the Universidad de Monterrey, we accept diverse sources of financing that Mexican and foreign students can apply for to pursue their university studies. 

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Discover your ideal scholarship

Would you like to know what scholarships you can apply for? Answer a few questions and find out! 

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Becas para alumnos de reingreso

Si eres alumno de reingreso, tienes un excelente resultado académico y alta necesidad económica comprobable, puedes aplicar a la Beca UDEM.

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