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Master’s Degree in Tax Law

Master, understand, and construe the Mexican and International fiscal system.


You will analyze and solve legal-fiscal cases through conceptual and practical foundations. You will provide well-aimed counsel on national and international fiscal affairs. You will develop the ability to analyze, summarize, construe, and argue fiscal problems with a sense of ethics and responsibility.


Quick Facts

In the Taxation category, within the Top 100 worldwide, of the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2019.


a nivel mundial en la categoría Taxation de Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2019.


Our objective is to educate and train you as a professional who achieves a responsible solution to the problems to be dealt with, through the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge. ​


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analysis and solution of law and tax cases through conceptual and practical basis.
  • Capability to accurately advice in fiscal matters, both domestic and international.
  • Ability for analysis, synthesis, interpretation and argumentation about fiscal problems with ethical sense and responsibility.​

Admission Profile

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in Law, Management, Finance, Economics, International Commerce, Accounting, or like disciplines.
  • Have a positive attitude in the face of challenges and changes.
  • Be analytical and accurate.
  • Have a sense of ethics and responsibility.
  • Be interested in topics concerning globalization.

Graduate Profile

Through this master’s degree program, you will be able to enhance the following skills:

  • Problem solving.
  • Effective decision-making.
  • Analyzing and summarizing information.
  • Construing and arguing Tax Law.
  • Applying an interdisciplinary vision to fiscal issues.
  • Management of various Fiscal Tax sources.

Al concluir la maestría, obtendrás las siguientes conocimientos:

  • Aspectos jurídicos, técnicos y prácticos en materia fiscal aplicables a las empresas.
  • Comprensión sobre las tendencias globales en las empresas.
  • Bases sobre los sistemas tributarios de México y otros países.
  • Comprensión teórica y práctica sobre las bases constitucionales y normas tributarias, su aplicación, elementos procesales y medios de impugnación.
  • Entendimiento de la regulación tributaria estatal y municipal.
  • Comprensión superior de la contabilidad administrativa, las estructuras fiscales y financieras.

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Consult the courses that you will take in the Master’s Degree in Tax Law.

*The order presented may change.

1st four-months
Course Credits
Seminar on Global Trends in the Company 6
​​Federal Tax Law 6
2nd four-months
Course Credits
Constitutional Tax Law 6
The Company’s Fiscal Regime 6
3rd four-months
Course Credits
Income Tax on Legal Persons 6
Indirect Taxes 6
4th four-months
Course Credits
Income Tax on Natural Persons 6
State and Municipal Tax Law 6
5th four-months
Course Credits
​Advanced Accounting 6
Optative Seminar I 6
6th four-months
Course Credits
Optative Seminar II 6
Fiscal and Financial Systems and their effects 6
​Juridical Investigation Seminar 6

Total credits: 78

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