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Bachelor of Sociology curriculum

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Below, we show you a sample curriculum. Use the simulator to experiment and see how you could organize your courses.

Type of courses:
General studies ?
  • Mandatory
  • Electives
Professional studies?
  • Mandatory
  • Electives/Concentration
  • Internships and Final Evaluation Project (PEF)
Validations ?
  • Course with a prerequisite
  • Fixed course

Credits per semester: Minimum 6 - Maximum 42

AA 1115 The Classical World
HU 1300 Sources of Western Literature
HU 1112 Introduction to Philosophy
HU 2115 History of Western Thought
HU 1113 History and Development of Classical Languages
HU 1400 19th Century Sociological Theory
ID 1500 Academic Writing
AA 1120 The Renaissance and the Meeting of Two Worlds
HU 1105 Greek Philosophy
HU 1200 Humanism: Contemporary Trends
HU 1114 Sociology of Gender
HU 2305 20th Century Sociological Theory
HU 1010 Global Competencies
Curso Electivo General LSO
HU 1115 Philosophy and Science
HU 1116 Sociology of the Family
CS 1030 Sociology of Culture
HU 2306 Contemporary Sociological Theory
FM 1100 Interpreting Statistical Information
Curso Electivo General LSO
HU 2307 Urban Sociology
HU 2311 Social Change
HU 3411 Sociological Research Seminar: Survey Methodology
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
HU 1015 Comparative International Contexts
HU 2000 Latin American Philosophy
HU 3410 Sociology of Organizations
HU 3412 Sociological Research Seminar: Statistics Applied to the Social Sciences
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
HU 1005 Social Thinking of the Church
HU 3170 Philosophy: Analyzing Current Dilemmas
HU 3415 Sociology of Work
HU 3413 Sociological Research Seminar: Methodology of Interviewing and Life Stories
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
HU 3301 Origins and Development of Mexican Literature
HU 2325 Political Sociology
HU 3414 Sociological Research Seminar: Ethnographic Methods
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
HU 4000 Humanities Directed Professional Practicum
AD 1200 Leadership in Organizations
HU 3306 Modern and Contemporary Mexican Literature
HU 3416 Sociology of Social Conflict
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
Curso Electivo Profesional LSO
HU 4006 Humanities Final Evaluation Project: Draft
Curso Electivo General LSO
HU 4011 Humanities Final Evaluation Program: Development

This curriculum is a simulation. It is subject to changes and course availability. It does not in any way replace the Personal Education Plan.

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