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Social and Educational Integration Program

A pioneering program of its kind in Mexico, PISYE offers young people with learning disabilities the opportunity to continue their formative and academic development.
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In the spring of 1995, a group of parents who had children with special needs asked the Educational Services Program of the Graduate Program in Education at UDEM to open a space for the academic growth and the development of these young people.

Since then, PISYE has grown and become stronger each year. At present, the inclusion program is part of the Education Department of UDEM’s Education and Humanities Division.

Quick Facts

Years’ experience in the integration of young people with integration disabilities.


Graduates since its inception.

53 %

Of graduates are working at inclusive companies.


We mentor and support program students so that they can develop and enhance their physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, and social skills in order to achieve a more independent, more productive, happier life, participating in on-campus university life and interacting with the rest of society, within a dignified and respectful environment. ​​​​


Program characteristics

Aimed for young people aged 15 to 30, with an intellectual disability.

  • Class hours: 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.
  • Afternoon activities, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Groups are form according to cognitive skills.
  • It has no preparatory school or undergraduate degree program credit value.
  • It has a duration of eight semesters, in line with the university’s school term.
  • Tuition fees different from those of UDEM’s academic programs.

Admission Profile

Admission Requirements:

  • Interview with parents.
  • Academic and in-person assessment of candidate.
  • Submitting all requested documentation.

Graduate Profile

Students will have developed knowledge about themselves, society, and the reality surrounding them.

Their new attitudes and values will enable them to have greater decision-making abilities, leading their self-esteem to grow and giving them more self-security, thus allowing them to gain the skills necessary to express themselves and integrate into a productive and happy life.

Our students develop intellectually through different classes designed according to a special psycho-pedagogical model, aiming to make the students independent and self-assured of their knowledge and skills.


Social education and integration
A series of classes and activities in which our students interact with undergraduate students and experience university life. They develop their sense of belonging and interaction with the society around them.


Job integration
Our students will be part of a microenterprise where they will learn to produce and market various products. They can also be part of projects in administrative offices, aiming to join the general world of work upon their graduation.


Creative, artistic, and sports
Activities aimed to help our students to develop their physical and artistic skills and to learn to manage their emotions and behavior in groups.



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