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Bachelor of Philosophy

Create and direct projects in companies, academies and political sectors, based on philosophical, sociocultural, administrative and leadership knowledge.
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We have a leading program in humanistic education with a general command of Philosophy that allows you to recognize, analyze, and understand contemporary social problems with a humanist vision. Therefore, we are recognized as the University of the Humanities.

Throughout your degree program in Philosophy, you will be in touch with highly prestigious national and international writers and thinkers. 

Quick Facts

This program has a Liberal Arts structure: it allows you to be educated in a multidisciplinary and globalized environment.


Elective courses and more than 300 additional options.


Agreements signed with universities from all over the world.


Double degree: this is an option that only requires an additional one and a half year of education.


You will be educated and trained as a professional to generate and manage social responsibility projects in public and private organizations, with a high sense of research in the Humanities, focused on knowledge of philosophy, administration, and the social sciences.

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Admission Profile

As a candidate to pursue this program, you should have a passion for reading, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to read critically; as well as a capacity for the analysis, argumentation, and creation of projects; and an interest in understanding social phenomena and their dynamics. Additionally, you should be open to analysis, critique, and tolerance towards the various ways of thinking, and have an interest in participating in cultural development projects for the northeastern Mexico – Southern United States regions and for our entire country.

Graduate Profile

Upon completion of the degree program, you will have developed the following knowledge:

    • History of thinking and philosophy.
    • Futurology and history of literature, art, and social sciences.
    • Research methodologies.
    • Advanced writing tools.
    • Organizational development techniques based on a humanistic sense.
    • Management and finances of editorial projects.
    • Creation of cultural projects and research projects.

    Upon completion of the degree program, you will have developed the following skills:

      • Creativity and innovation.
      • Information analysis, summary, and interpretation.
      • Proactive leadership based on critical thinking.
      • Negotiation and argumentation.
      • You will work in a team.
      • You will use specialized technology.
      • You will be an enterpriser under a humanistic approach.

      Upon completion of the degree program, you will have developed the following attitudes:

        • Research in the spheres of social sciences and the Humanities.
        • A profound and relentless drive for the creation and dissemination of culture.
        • Teamwork in analog and digital platforms.
        • Improvement of immediate social environment.
        • Objective judgement based on principles of equity, inclusion, and diversity in a globalized, multicultural society.
        • Consciousness of sustainable social development and entrepreneurial ethics.

        Field of work

        Upon graduating from UDEM’s LFL degree program, you will be able to work as a(n):

        • Journalist
        • Editor
        • Publicist
        • Copywriter
        • Business Ethics Consultant
        • Organizational Development and Working Environment Consultant
        • Museographer
        • Curator
        • Film and Animation Director
        • Video Games Creator
        • Radio/TV Scriptwriter and Producer
        • Cultural Promoter
        • Social Impact Programs Researcher
        • Director of Culture Offices
        • Cultural Ambassador
        • Cataloguer of Artistic, Historic, and Cultural Heritage
        • Trilingual Teacher in the Humanistic Areas
        • Director of Educational Institutions
        • Creator of ONGs
        • Director of Private and Community Libraries
        • Social Justice, Social Equality, and Gender Equality Coordinator
        • Sustainable and Community Development Coordinator

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