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Through different foundations and organizations,
UDEM offers you the following information on scholarships to do an exchange semester abroad.

1. Our scholarships

​Academic Scholarship UDEM CHAPA
Exchange Program UDEM international UDEM international
Participating degree programs ALL ALL
​Types of support Financial support (Supplementary for expenses abroad) Financial support (Supplementary for expenses abroad)
​Application dates May and November May and November
  1. Having some type of support or educational credit at UDEM (Compensation, Leader, Financial Aid Fund, Company, Collaborator).

  2. Having a cumulative GPA of 90 or more (throughout degree program).

  3. Having finished the third semester of the undergraduate degree program.

  4. Submitting additional documents required at the International Programs Office (DIPI).

  5. Complying with any other specific requirement for the type of scholarship that you want to apply for.

  6. Being enrolled in the course EI1000 Intercultural Competencies or having taken this course.

3. Steps to participate

  1. Submit your documents to participate in exchange on designated dates.

  2. Attach financial needs letter and completed financial aid form (will be supplied by DIPI).

  3. Wait for results to be announced at the end of the semester.

4. Selection Process

In addition to verifying compliance with the aforementioned requirements, the selection process evaluates each applicant’s financial need. A selection committee issues a final decision to grant the scholarships to candidates.

5. Points to consider regarding academic scholarships

  • They are granted every semester.
  • Support is provided before your departure.
  • You may apply for any of the scholarships, but you will only be granted one.
  • In order to give students who have not participated in UDEM’s exchange programs yet an opportunity to receive a scholarship, a student can receive a scholarship only once.
  • Scholarships are applicable for all universities that participate in UDEM’s exchange programs. 
  • Not available for ISEP, direct registration, direct exchange, or summer programs.
  • If a student is granted financial support, he/she should have an account to his/her name in a Mexican bank. The financial support will be deposited to that account.