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Discover the academic, training and infrastructure benefits
that UDEM Residences have for you.

Infrastructure benefits
Your room is furnished with all the amenities: air conditioning, first-rate furniture, WiFi, weekly cleaning service, and a fire protection system.
Common Areas
The purpose of common areas is to give you the opportunity to interact with the rest of the residents and with your guests. The common areas are equipped with screens, sofas and couches, working tables; common rooms with football and pool tables, a kitchen area, chimneys, grill, and an ecumenical chapel. There are also exclusive areas for residents, like the gym, the computer room and Deck.
Green Areas
Our campus is notable for its gardens and the UDEM Residence Halls area is no exception. We have 6,800 square meters (≈73,195 square feet) of garden areas, which makes our housing complex an extraordinary place for you to be in touch with nature.​
Academic benefits

Exclusive tutoring sessions for residents

Students from the highest semesters and faculty will come to the UDEM Residence Halls to lead review sessions before exams, to answer questions during the semester or to help you with assignments that you may find difficult to understand.


They are members of faculty who live in the housing complex to support you in academic and personal matters.

Mentor Residents

Out-of-town students from higher semesters who can advise you and help you to discover study methods that fit your learning style.