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SOStainability Center

Help us become an equitable society, with a fair economy and caring for the environment!

Let's take care of our planet!

At UDEM’s SOStainability Center, we aim to minimize the environmental impact caused by our day-to-day activities, through in-house and external projects and programs that focus on sustainable development.


Sustainability in our study plans
Academic programs focused on sustainability.
Courses focused on sustainability in the different UDEM Schools.
Co-curricular courses offered by the SOS Center.


Join student group OIKOS and carry out sustainability-focused actions, projects, and events.

Discover its proposals to improve our environment:

Xignux-UDEM initiative

Would you like to create solutions to problems involving energy and the environment? Participate in the call for applications and develop short-, mid-, and long-term collective initiatives.

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UDEM Sustainability report

Consult the annual reports with our advances in sustainability.

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This civil society association promotes a culture of environmental care through its educational programs.

Discover its offering of programs.

Green buildings

Through our buildings, we promote economic savings, as well as energy and water savings. And we offer you a healthy and productive environment. Discover them!

Roberto Garza Sada Center for Art, Architecture, and Design
LEED Silver Certification - Construction

LEED Gold Certification - Construction

West Building (soon)
LEED Gold Certification - Construction



We have on-campus energy conservation and infrastructure modernization programs to reduce environmental impacts and improve the energy-consumption culture in our student community.


On campus, we undertake different actions to reduce the use of cars and promote the use of sustainable transport.

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On campus, we have a recycling program for materials such as PET, paper, cardboard, and aluminum. Besides, we make compost with organic residues to be used in the orchard of the UDEM Residence Halls!


Over the last few years, we have modernized our sanitary facilities and water supply facilities.

Our initiatives include the use of gray water to water trees, plants, and gardens and the installation of drinking water dispensers on campus.

Green areas

You can find diverse regional flora in the gardens and green areas of the campus: ebony, anacahuita, anacua, sweet acacia (huizache), mesquite tree, Monterrey oak, pecan tree, elm tree, palo blanco, and ahuehuete tree/sabino.

By planting endemic species, the resources devoted to watering, maintenance, and care decrease considerably.


Food Services

We have implemented the following actions to make the food services at our cafeterias more sustainable:

2018: Use of biodegradable or compostable dishes for food “to go.”

2017: Banning the use of Styrofoam disposable dishes and containers.

2013: Investment in reusable crockery to avoid using disposable dishes.