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Student government

At the Universidad de Monterrey, you can join different student groups to develop your leadership competencies.

Federation of UDEM Students (FEUDEM)

Federation of UDEM Students (FEUDEM): This is the top student representation body. It is in charge of watching over the needs and interests of all Universidad de Monterrey students. Moreover, they have an obligation to promote the sense of belonging to UDEM and coordinate the Student Senate.

Student Senate

This body is supervised and guided by FEUDEM. It is in charge of identifying students’ needs and concerns in order to process improvement proposals with the university authorities

Student societies

These are student groups who represent the needs and concerns of students from their degree programs before the Academic Program Director. They aim to enrich, position, and internationalize their academic program. They also seek to have an impact on society and promote integration among their fellow students.

Student court

These are student groups whose function is to ensure that student processes, policies, and regulations are fulfilled, following the principles of justice and impartiality. A student court is made up of:


Student Electoral Committee

It is in charge of encouraging student participation and promoting a democratic culture within the University. Additionally, it supervises the electoral processes and the registration of all student groups.


Honor Council

It is a body of integrity that fosters, promotes, and watches over compliance with UDEM’s Code of Honor. Moreover, it provides training in, communicates and promotes the UDEM Integrity System.

Student organizations

These are groups of students who work toward the achievement of specific objectives, activities, or projects.

Specific associations

These are groups that aim to implement a work plan for the benefit of a community or a specific population segment, through formal activities which have some social or academic impact.

Regional associations

These are groups that make the traditions of their region or state known through cultural activities. They promote the integration of their out-of-town community and work for it through the search for benefits and incentives.

Student associates

These are groups of students who collaborate with a specific Universidad de Monterrey department and/or project.

Student chapters

These are groups which are affiliated with regional, national, or international associations and which comply with the particular activities and purposes of those associations.

Student clubs

These are groups of students who share some interests and form a group to carry out various activities.