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Training Program in Intercultural Competencies

This program is made up of a series of co-curricular courses designed to maximize your exchange experience abroad during the entire process (before, during, and after).

Upon completing it, you receive a Diplomado en Competencias Interculturales
which greatly enhances your professional profile.

1,122 students participated in 2017.

IE1000 - Competencias Interculturales I

The theory and foundations of intercultural competencies are studied in this course.

If you are still undecided about participating in exchange programs abroad, this course is for you as it will give you a broader picture of the experience and intercultural relations.

Competencias 1

IE1001 - Competencias Interculturales II

You will be taking this online course at the same time that you live your international experience.

Through it, you will find a space for reflection and introspection on your experience abroad.

Internacionalizacion en casa

​IE1003 - Competencias Interculturales III

You will take this course upon return from the exchange. It will enable you to cope with reverse culture shock and prepare yourself to capitalize on all the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you acquired abroad.

internacionalizacion en casa