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Join our initiatives to change Mexico!

About Philaentropy

Philaentropy is a wordplay that results from the union of philanthropy and entropy, two symbols of UDEM’s spirit.

  • Philanthropy: means the love of humanity.
  • Entropy: a representation of the university community, which is made up of two apparently disconnected pieces that create a new whole when together.
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The four projects in which you can make a difference are:

Scholarship funds

Did you know that 35% of students who abandon their studies in Mexico do so because of their economic situation?

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UDEM Polytechnic Preparatory School

The UDEM Polytechnic Preparatory School is an opportunity to study a technical preparatory school program for young people who are in vulnerable situations but have the desire to improve themselves.

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Green Campus

The Green Campus is UDEM’s sustainable vision to create an open space for interaction that respects the environment.

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Center for Integrity

Contribute to generate a more honest society through the Center for Integrity!

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Our benefactors

Students, board members, faculty, collaborators, graduates, parents, foundations, civil society organizations, and people and companies who are friends of UDEM, we thank all our benefactors who make a difference in the community by believing in and betting on education!

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Our stories

Discover the life stories that have been transformed thanks to the generosity of our benefactors!

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