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We share a vision as a community

One university, one community, one vision

At UDEM, we believe that our vision must be shared; it must be a dream that encourages us to become its ambassadors and to make it happen. This is why we designed a series of sessions in which more than 2,500 people contributed with more than 1,000 ideas about the UDEM of the future. In focus groups, we listened to our current and future students, families, employers, professors, and staff. The results fill us with confidence about the future, because our identity, principles, and values remain strong. In this changing context they continue to guide us as we implement our transformative strategies. 

Inspired by the future

Together, as UDEM, we have established a definition of what we want to be and achieve in the coming years. 


To be an innovative and flexible educative ecosystem that is committed to our principles and values and offers transforming experiencies for individuals and society.