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Testimonies of a new culture

UDEM has provided us with the best tools available to continue offering the best academic quality to the community, through modern technology, without neglecting our integrity.

– María Eugenia Lazo Montemayor, Professor at the Academy of Mathematics, USP

The strategic transformation allows us, together with collaborative work, to continue increasing the quality of care, education and support of our students.

– Javier García Justicia, Dean of the School of Education and Humanities

In UDEM you can see signs of institutional transformation, such as the awareness of putting the student first, the adoption of agile work and the fomentation of collaboration.

– Rosa Liliana Araujo Briones, Library Director

One of the advantages of this scheme, is that the projects in which we participate are quick to apply and promptly solve the areas of opportunity.

– Priscila Garza, Agile Transformation

I am very pleased to recognize that UDEM has realized the value of data, because we can analyze it and use it to make the best decisions for the community.

– Juan Ignacio González Espinosa, Professor Department of Civil Engineering and Management

UDEM has done everything on its behalf so that we have classes in the most normal way possible, training teachers to teach them completely online on innovative platforms.

– Paulina Treviño Rico, Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, 3rd semester

In this new modality, teachers have played a very important role in our emotional health and development in the class; they have been a great support for our interest in classes.

– Natalia Gutiérrez, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychopedagogy, 3rd semester

UDEM has always been an innovative institution and in order to innovate we must recognize our own complexity and seek change and improvement.

– Mihály Sugár, Agile Transformation

Faced with a situation as difficult as the one we are experiencing, it is very important that universities adapt and the truth is that UDEM is doing very well.

– Shafic Marcos Larson, Mechatronics Engineering, 5th semester