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Social Service Internship

A unique experience for you

The social service internship is an opportunity for you to develop and transcend by sharing your talents, skills, and knowledge for the benefit of society. 

We want your philosophy of life to be shaped by an attitude of service and commitment toward the people most in need and increase your potential to change your milieu so that you can become a transformative leader at the service of your community. ​

The social service internship is part of your university education at UDEM. It starts when you sign up for the Social Formative Education Workshop (Taller de Formación Social), which you can enroll on after earning 132 credits. ​

You must complete 480 hours of a social service internship at an institution authorized by UDEM, within a period of six months to one year. You will also have to take 20 hours of the Social Formative Education Workshop.

The objective of the Social Formative Education Workshop is to raise your critical awareness of world needs and encourage your active participation in the sustainable development of your environment. Furthermore, you will become acquainted with different Social Action Institutions where you can do your social service internship.

Further information:

Gloria Martínez López
Office of UDEM Social Service Coordinator
Tel. +52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 1343
[email protected]

Cinthia Patricia Garza Lozano
Coordinator of Social Formative Education Workshop
Tel. +52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 1839
[email protected]