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Master’s Degree in Product Engineering

A master of product engineering uses the development of new technologies creatively and creates useful and innovative products that generate value.


By pursuing the Master’s Degree Program in Product Engineering (MIP), you will learn to produce useful products that generate value through innovation, the development of new technologies, and their creative use. ​

Quick Facts

You will take 10 courses when pursuing this master’s degree, in addition to the Management Skills Seminar.


In the Master’s in Product Engineering program, we prepare you as a specialist in the technological management of product design and improvement processes to promote competitiveness and encourage the creation of intellectual capital. 

Moreover, you will have a highly competitive profile in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Tribology, Nanotechnology, and Optimization, with a critical attitude toward your activities, committed to the creation of products that fulfill the needs of the population and offer innovative alternatives to meet the great challenges and risks that organizations are currently facing. 

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Admission profile

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in engineering or a like discipline.
  • Work in the industry, with a strong inclination to solving the problems of the regional industry.
  • Have appositive attitude toward change.
  • Be analytical, creative, innovative, and visionary.
  • Show adaptability to an international cultural environment and have a good command of the English language.

Graduate profile

Upon completion of this master's degree program, you will have acquired the following knowledge:

  • Structural optimization techniques. 
  • Finite element analysis. 
  • Development of new material technologies. 
  • Integrated product development. 
  • Mechanical vibrations analysis. 
  • Applied engineering analysis. 
  • Applying trends in materials and processes for the development of new products. 
  • Product-twin and process-twin modeling and simulation. 
  • Nanotechnology applications. 
  • Material characterization applications. 
  • Evaluating new technologies oriented to compound materials, nanotechnology, and tribology to apply them to product design. 

Upon completion of this master's degree program, you will have acquired the following skills:

  • Leadership.
  • Problem-solving, considering key issues. 
  • Effective and professional communication. 
  • Applied mathematics. 
  • Use of advanced software as a tool for problem assessment, design, and decision-making. 
  • Negotiating and Teamwork.
  • Running multidisciplinary teams and participating in them. 
  • Development of applied research related to product engineering for the generation and spreading of knowledge. 

Upon completion of this master's degree program, you will have acquired the following attitudes:

  • Proactivity.
  • Efficiency.
  • Creativity.
  • Accuracy and attention to details.
  • Continuing education.
  • Strong sense of ethics and responsibility.

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Consult the courses that you will take in the Master’s in Product Engineering program. 

The program has a duration of six four-month periods.

Mandatory courses
Course Credits
Research methodologies  3
Engineering analysis  6
Material characterization  6
Integrated product development  6
Compound materials and nanotechnology 6
Finite element method  6
Systems modeling and simulation  6
Product engineering seminar     6
Management skills seminar  6
Research seminar  6
Innovation and change project 6
Elective courses

The student will choose two courses (12 credits) from the following list:

Course Credits
Innovation management and digital transformation  6
Ceramic and sintered materials 6
Trends in materials and processes 6
Tribology 6
Lean Six Sigma 6
Project management and evaluation 6

Professors of the School of Engineering and Technologies

Computer Science
Computer Science


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