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Víctor Contreras

Credits: UDEM File

UDEM offers an infinite number of academic, cultural and spiritual activities in which we as students can participate.

There is a student group for every talent and interest. I like to help people reach their full potential, and that is why I applied to be part of the Mechatronics Engineering Alumni Society (IMT) and IRSI/ITR, where I will be serving as treasurer next semester.

With only two semesters I have felt integrated and accepted. In my first semester I took Missions. Due to the pandemic we were not able to go, however, I am willing to go as soon as the current situation allows us to do so. I am also participating in a John Deere competition where our ability to solve problems and design alternatives or improvements is put to the test. This summer Gente UDEM will start up again in a face-to-face manner, and I will be supporting.

All of these things nurture my experience at UDEM. They allow me to be of service to others, and that satisfaction is the best reward. In this first face-to-face semester I have met so many amazing people, with the same goals as me. I can't wait to create more experiences at UDEM.