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Announcement | Online semester conclusion

San Pedro Garza García, Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Dear UDEM Community: 

We hope you are sheltered at home, continuing your studies or work and protecting yourselves by following, with your families, the recommendations of the health authorities to reduce COVID-19 infections.

Last month has presented important challenges in which you have shown great strength and commitment to academic excellence. I am deeply grateful to all of you for your willingness and great ability to adapt to this new environment.

In accordance with the indication issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic Government, which requests to extend the self isolation advice until April 30, and considering that our academic activities ended in early May, at Universidad de Monterrey we have decided that the Spring 2020 semester will conclude under the online format.

Next, I would like to share with you the following relevant aspects:

In these times, we have seen how the situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to considerably affect our country and our community. I am sure that, to a greater or lesser extent, it has impacted your environment: the way of relating to each other, daily routines and the management of academic and/or professional responsibilities. Rest assured that we think about you every day and what this contingency is representing for everyone.

During the last month, in which we left campus to keep ourselves safe in our homes, the Management Team, together with doctors from the Vice-Rectory for Health Sciences, have met daily to keep us updated and make the necessary decisions. Thanks to this, we have managed to define the strategies that will lead us to move towards the end of this semester in the best possible way.

I am pleased to inform you that from offering 3% of our professional and postgraduate courses online, today we teach 100%, that is, 3,000 courses online with academic excellence and comprehensive training that distinguishes us. It should be noted that this migration was accomplished in just 4 days and required additional effort from the faculty at all our academic levels, extraordinary work by our systems team and investments in technology. All of the above is reflected in the good performance of online classes.

Although we would like things to return to the way they were before, we will have to sustain the effort to keep our distance a little longer and, as we already mentioned at the beginning of this communication, we have decided that the semester of Spring 2020 will be concluded in the online format and we immediately present the school calendar for the conclusion of the Spring 2020 semester.

Calendar PR20 EN

The previous calendar indicates that the regular courses, as well as the final exams, works and final projects, will be delivered and/or presented online, according to the instructions of their teachers. It is important to note that the foregoing will not affect in any way the registration of your grades or the processing of certificates or degrees.

Please consult with the Information and Attention Center for Students (CIAA) to clear any doubt about academic procedures. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through the following means of contact:


Telephone: (81) 8215-1020
Student Portal Chat:
Mail: [email protected]

Among the services offered by CIAA, you are reminded that:

  • Those procedures or services that depend on a third party outside UDEM (translations, legalizations with SEP or SENL, messaging, revalidations, apostille of documents, TUI credentials, among others), for the moment, and until the health conditions change officially, will not be attended at CIAA. These will be resumed at the end of this extraordinary period of health measures.
  • Documents that do not require legalization are being issued and sent electronically.
  • Registration to take the TOEFL test is suspended until further notice.
  • Prospective students to graduate at any level (baccalaureate, professional or postgraduate), will receive a communication with specific instructions on the degree procedures. 

Dear UDEM Community, our commitment goes beyond the education of high school students, professionals or postgraduates; we are moved by the comprehensive training of human beings capable of reinventing themselves and of writing a new history. Today we all need to imagine a better future and continue to inspire our best version.

Additionally, we remind you that the academic ceremonies and graduation celebrations, originally scheduled for June 2 and 3, have been canceled. As we reported on March 27, we continue to evaluate alternative dates for living these special events. We are sure that we will meet again, return to campus and celebrate together, tolling the bell, with those who are going to graduate.

Your health and well-being, as well as of your loved ones are our priority, so we invite you to continue attending to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Republic and the Ministry of Health of the Government of the State of Nuevo León to contain the spread of the virus.

Finally, and in order to keep ourselves in constant communication and attentive to the services that UDEM has enabled for all of you, we ask you to monitor on our official communication channels, your institutional email, social networks and the website where you will find information on what to do during the pandemic, press releases, ways to help, news reports, informative videos of our Health Sciences teachers, among other valuable content.

I am sure that working together as UDEM Community and following the recommendations of our health authorities; we will emerge stronger from this contingency. I encourage you to remain together in reflection and prayer from our homes, and to continue developing your qualities, abilities and vocations so that this time brings out the best version of each one of us.

Best regards,
Mario Páez