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Bachelor of International Marketing curriculum

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Type of courses:
General studies ?
  • Mandatory
  • Electives
Professional studies?
  • Mandatory
  • Electives/Concentration
  • Internships and Final Evaluation Project (PEF)
Validations ?
  • Course with a prerequisite
  • Fixed course

Credits per semester: Minimum 6 - Maximum 42

HU 1005 Social Thinking of the Church
DE1000 Corporate Legal Framework
AD 1005 Fundamentals of Management
EC 1031 Macroeconomics
CO 1003 Financial Information in Business
AD 1401 Introduction to International Marketing
HU 1010 Global Competencies
HU 2025 Philosophical Anthropology
EC 1011 Microeconomics
CO 1011 Cost Analysis for Decision Making
FM 1115 Statistics
AD 1400 Marketing
AD 2001 Sustentability, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business
EC 2441 Business Forecasting
CO 1025 Financial Analysis
FM 1009 Quantitative Tools for Business
AD 2485 Services Marketing
AD 2417 Market Research
ID 1500 Academic Writing
AD 2056 Social Enterprising
EC 2240 International Business Environment
CO 1020 Quantitative Fundamentals of Finance
AD 2420 Marketing Communication and Sales Promotion
FM 2100 Multivariate Analysis
AD 2015 Business Plan
CO 2065 Financial Assessment of Investment Projects
EC 2080 Pricing Strategies and Techniques
AD 2418 International Marketing
SC 2007 Information Technology for Business
AD 3400 Sales Management
AD 3446 Consumer Behavior
Curso Electivo General LMI
CO 2025 Finance Applied to Marketing
AD 2445 Advertising Management and Strategies
AD 2419 Digital Marketing
AD 3405 Retailing
AD 3465 Marketing Research Seminar
FM 1100 Interpreting Statistical Information
Curso Electivo General LMI
AD 3495 Brand Management
AD 2450 Distribution and Logistics Strategies
Curso Electivo Profesional LMI
AD 1200 Leadership in Organizations
AD 3455 Innovation and Development of New Products and Services
AD 3460 International Marketing Seminar
AD 3420 Business to Business Marketing
Curso Electivo Profesional LMI
EC 4000 Research Methodology for Business
HU 1015 Comparative International Contexts
EC 3075 Integrative Business Seminar
AD 3451 Integrated Marketing Communication
Curso Electivo Profesional LMI
AD 4411 International Marketing Final Evaluation Program

This curriculum is a simulation. It is subject to changes and course availability. It does not in any way replace the Personal Education Plan.

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