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María Patricia Acosta

Credits: archivo UDEM

I was a Prepa UDEM student and in an event promoting the undergraduate degree programs I discovered Biomedical Engineering. It was there that I decided to pursue that program. Throughout the semesters, I took advantage of the fact that my house was a long way away from the University and I had to stay at the campus for most of the day to take some curricular courses in sports and dance.

However, I developed a little more in the area of leadership. I was part of the Society of Biomedical Engineering Students (2008-2009) and of the University’s Federation of Students (2009-2010). These experiences allowed me to meet a lot of people, both faculty members and students, from different degree programs and with very diverse personalities. Although not a lot of time has gone by, I already reminisce these times with great joy and even though the program demanded a large degree of commitment and dedication (just like any other program), I had a lot of fun.

In the academic sphere, toward the end of the program, the University allowed me to do an internship and my PEF (Final Evaluation Project) at the Hospital Christus Muguerza, where I currently work as Biomedical Engineering Manager for Hospitals and Outpatient Medicine Centers in Mexico. It is a job that I am greatly passionate about and in which I can manage medical equipment for the sake of safe quality care for our patients.