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Luis Fernández

Credits: Archivo UDEM

Studying Biomedical Engineering at UDEM helped me to understand my country’s real needs in health-related topics and to acquire knowledge, tools, and contacts to provide solutions that generate positive impacts on the provision of health services in Latin America.

Thanks to the support of my degree program director, professors, and classmates, jointly with UDEM’s infrastructure and agreements, I have had the opportunity to create Biomedical Engineering departments at more than 30 hospitals in Mexico, travel to more than five countries to receive training, and meet experts in Biomedical Metrology, and Clinical Engineering and be part of the Mexican delegation that presented research papers at the 2017 International Congress on Clinical Engineering and the Management of Sanitary Technologies, along with the World Health Organization and other authorities.

Thanks to support from the UDEM community, I managed to create my own Health Project Management office (Praxis Project Management). I promoted the first 3D printing startup for Clinical Engineering (BM3D). We founded the largest Biomedical Engineering platform worldwide (BE Worldwide). I have been invited as a speaker/workshop leader to countries such as Mexico, the United States, Brazil, and Panama, to name a few. UDEM has definitely always been an essential part of my achievements and I will always be deeply grateful to my alma mater for helping me to develop and grow as a professional and as a person.