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Welcome to Monterrey, the Sultan of the North!

With a population of more than one million,
Monterrey is a place that is full of attractions to visit.

What to do in Monterrey?

Museums, art galleries, large-capacity theaters and entertainment centers, tourist centers, shopping malls, eco parks, as well as about 80 public and private sporting clubs are part of the infrastructure of Monterrey, which is considered as the third most important city in Mexico.

Where are we located?

The Universidad de Monterrey is located in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, one of the most prosperous suburbs in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo León.

Discover more about Monterrey

Our city

Monterrey weather is extreme: it is very hot in the summer, when temperatures can go over 40 degrees Celsius (104 °F) for several consecutive days, and it can be very humid and cold in the winter, with temperatures that can drop to zero degrees Celsius (32 °F), particularly in January.

Most rain falls in the months of September, February, and March.

Some of the best known museums in Monterrey are the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MARCO), the Museo de Historia Mexicana, the Museo del Noreste (MUNE), the Museo del Palacio, and the Museo del Vidrio, among other facilities that present permanent displays and temporary exhibitions.

If you like outdoor activities, you can visit natural landmarks such as Parque La Estanzuela, Parque Ecológico Chipinque, Bioparque Estrella, Cascada Cola de Caballo, and La Huasteca, to name just a few.

On weekends, you can go shopping at malls, go to theaters, cinemas, musical shows, and concerts, and enjoy a fine night out at restaurants, bars, discos, and galleries.

You do not need to own a car to travel around Monterrey. You can use transportation services such as Uber, Cabify, and DiDi.

Public transport is another available option. There are enough routes to travel around the city. It is more inexpensive, but there are no set running timetables. The metro (subway/elevated train) is also a good alternative, but it has limited infrastructure.

You can hire the Directo UDEM service to commute to UDEM. If you want to consult more mobility options, visit UDEM in motion.



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