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Come to Mexico and study at UDEM

Start your admission process to study at the Universidad de Monterrey!

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Admission process

Immigration process

Learn about the procedures and steps you must go through if you are coming on an exchange program to Monterrey for a semester, a year, or longer.

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Important dates

Consult the dates that you must take into consideration when requesting your exchange at UDEM.


If you are an undergraduate student

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Costs and scholarships

What is the cost of studying at UDEM?

Learn about the costs and scholarship options!

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Live in Monterrey

Monterrey, the Sultan of the North awaits you!
Discover what you can do in Monterrey
and live your Mexican experience to the fullest.

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UDEM Residence Halls

If you are an out-of-towner, come live with us at the UDEM Residence Halls! A university residence concept that is unique in Mexico.

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Directo UDEM

Travel safely in our private student transport system! We take you to the Prepa UDEM units and to the UDEM Campus from various zones of the metropolitan area.

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